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NC Maphia is in partnership with Dead Eye and that means that our recruitment team work hard for both NC Maphia and Dead Eye. You may find us strict, but in the long run we are not as we do not allow anyone into both NC Maphia or NC Maphia. If you have already been a member of NC Maphia for six months, then these may not apply to you, because you can ask any member of senior management to join Dead Eye and you will be automatically added to Dead Eye as long as you own a copy of Red Dead Online and you are rank 50 on Red Dead Online.

NC Maphia & Dead Eye accepts most of their recruits as long as you will be loyal and active to which ever team you have decided to take. Our recruitment team is a brilliant rank to be within, but you must have been a member of Dead Eye or NC Maphia for at least six months before you can be eligible for promotion for any rank, within the both.

We used to accept any person into NC Maphia. No matter on there rank and that was soon changed until we seen that our members where dying during missions, survivals and even heist and it could of been the easiest of missions, but they still got killed, so we upped the recruitment level to rank 90 and that is why you will see most of our members are rank 90 and above. The same goes for Dead Eye as we have took some of our experience from NC Maphia to Dead Eye, but Red Dead Online has just got a maximum of 100 ranks, whereas Grand Theft Auto Online has got maximum of 8000 ranks and by the time yo reach rank 50 on Red Dead Online and rank 90 on Grand Theft Auto Online, then you shou have unlock the majority of the good weapons in game.

All of NC Maphia & Dead Eye's members are all 18 and above but do not let that stop you from wanting to join as we accept under 18 years olds into NC Maphia & Dead Eye due to the fact we all know that it is just not 18 and above that play the game their is under 18's play it and a far from that, both games are great to play, but still not convinst, then continue to read below.

You might think that NC Maphia and Dead Eye are tough with all of the standards and rules and yeah. You are maybe right, but back when NC Maphia opened, then we did not have rules. Enfact most of our members had no idea on what a rule was, until we had no option but to implement them into NC Maphia, because everyone was going nuts and we mean that in the nicest possible way and again we have took that experience from NC Maphia to Dead Eye. There are numerous ways of joining NC Maphia & Dead Eye and you can do these by looking out for our recruitment events on Facebook & Twitter or even contact us via this website.

Our rules are not to scare you, they are in place to protect you and you would find out why by joining use, because unfortunetley, we just disclose our rules to members only. So don't let our rules and regulations stop you. Come along and join us and join in the fun too!

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